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Dear Friends,

Well, here we go again! As you will have heard, the Government has announced a new period of national lockdown to try to control the coronavirus, and unfortunately, this includes places of worship.

From the morning of Thursday, 5th November, onwards I shall not be allowed to celebrate Mass with a congregation. Our church of the Sacred Heart will be closed until this lockdown is ended. This means that our planned celebrations for this coming weekend, when some of our children would have been receiving their First Holy Communion, will have to be postponed, and our Parish Memorial Mass for those who have died will be cancelled for this year.

However, I shall continue to celebrate Mass privately throughout the lockdown, and these celebrations will be livestreamed on Sunday mornings at 9.00 and on Thursday evenings at 7.00. I am very grateful to our technicians who are going to make this possible, and I invite you to join me from the comfort of your homes. The names of those who have died will remain below the altar and will be prayed for throughout this month. If you would like further names to be added, please let me know.

For many people the thought of a further period of lockdown is very worrying. If you or someone you know in the parish would like any support, such as help with shopping or a chat on the phone, please get in touch with me. For the time being it would be best to contact me at, or phone 01865 770910.

There will be an end to this, and I shall look forward to seeing you all at the end of it. May God bless you all and keep you safe.

Fr. Harry

SUNDAYS : 9:00 AM & 6: 00 PM

MONDAYS : 09:15 AM



THURSDAYS : 7:00 PM Preceded by Exposition with Confessions at 6:00 PM



Please follow the Newsletter of the particular week for any changes.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Thursdays, 6.00-6.45 pm

To get in touch with the Parish Office:


Phone: 01865 776903

Entrance to the Church and Car Park

The small gate on Balfour Road is used to get to the Main Entrance of the Church.

The Car park can be accessed from Balfour Road turning to the road leading to Poulton Place.

Road Map to the Car Park Entrances

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